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By Highland Dental
October 08, 2021
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When you need a dental extraction in Smyrna, GA, you can count on Dr. Michael Nguyen and the experienced team at Highland Dental to be there to help. 

When you have a tooth that needs dental extraction, you may be anxious. That is not uncommon. You may be in pain from a tooth that has gone bad or it may just be that wisdom teeth are not coming in correctly. Whatever the reason, making sure that your extraction is successful is what you want and need. 

Share your medical history

Your dentist in Smyrna, GA needs to know your complete medical history before doing a dental extraction. Some important information to share:

  • Any medication you are taking, even over the counter
  • Heart conditions you have
  • If your immune system is compromised
  • Artificial joint replacement

Examination and X-rays

Dr. Nguyen will examine the problem tooth and an X-ray will be taken. This will allow the location of the roots to be observed and the condition of the bone. 

Discuss Anesthesia and Pain Management

A dental extraction is usually done under local anesthesia. This numbs the area. Other options include nitrous oxide which is inhaled, an oral sedative in the form of a pill, or conscious sedation which is given through a vein. The seriousness of the extraction will determine the type of anesthesia used. It is important to discuss any previous experience you have had with any type of anesthesia. 

The Day of the Extraction

On the day of the extraction be prepared to arrive a little early for your appointment. Wear comfortable clothes and avoid eating for at least a few hours before the procedure. Discuss this with your dentist. Don't smoke the day before your extraction and avoid any medication that can thin your blood. 

You will be given directions to follow after surgery to make sure everything goes well. You may be given a prescription for a painkiller or you can opt to use over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin. If you experience any swelling, applying an ice pack to the outside of your jaw will help. 

Follow post-extraction instructions

  • Eat only soft foods
  • Don't use a straw 
  • Don't smoke
  • Apply gauze to the extraction site with pressure
  • Don't spit or swish
  • Take it easy the day of the extraction
  • For the first 24 hours, apply ice packs
  • Switch to heat packs after 24 hours
  • Avoid touching the extraction site
  • Avoid rinsing vigorously
  • Take any antibiotic as directed
  • Call if bleeding lasts more than 4 hours 

When you need a dental extraction in Smyrna, GA, the team at Highland Dental, led by Dr. Nguyen, provides a safe and comfortable experience. Call for an appointment at 678-305-9916.