Teeth Whitening in Smyrna
April 05, 2017
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Living with dull or discolored teeth and a less than bright smile is not unavoidable since modern dental teeth bleaching techniques can help bring back the natural whiteness that your teeth were born with. Highland Dental offers our patients teeth whitening that will whiten your teeth several shades in a minimum of treatments. Whitening treatments from our office are far superior to those home whitening kits or strips and pastes available at drug stores because of the quality and potency of professional dental products and the expert fit of the trays for the home whitening options developed by our doctor.

Our doctor offers teeth whitening either in our office or the convenience of in the patient’s own home. For those patients opting to whiten their teeth at home our doctor will begin by cleaning the teeth and taking an impression of their mouth, which is used to mold a set of custom fitted trays. At home the patient fills the trays with a special bleaching solution that is stronger than those available over the counter. The custom trays hold the solution snugly and uniformly against the teeth, which allows the solution to reach all the areas of each and every tooth. The patient will use the whitening trays for about two hours a day for a week or two depending on the degree of discoloration of the teeth.

Our practice also offers in-office teeth whitening. Our doctor applies a special whitening material to the patient’s teeth, which is activated by a special light. After about 15 minutes the solution is rinsed off and then the whitening material is reapplied and the procedure starts again and then often repeated a third time. At the end of both the in-office and home whitening procedures the patients teeth will be significantly whiter, usually several shades lighter. If you would like whiter teeth and a brighter smile call our office for an appointment with our doctor.