Signs You May Need a Root Canal
By Highland Dental
June 30, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Root canals are a way to save your natural tooth from needing to be extracted! Dr. Michael Nguyen of Highland Dental in Smyrna, GA, performs root canals to save your natural teeth and keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Root canals in Smyrna, GA

When a tooth has a significant amount of decay and it has reached the tooth pulp, a root canal can remove the infected tooth pulp and save the remaining natural structure of the tooth. Root canals have gotten a bad reputation, but most patients find the procedure no more uncomfortable than receiving a new filling because you are numbed.

A root canal involves creating a small opening in the top of the tooth. Through this opening, your dentist uses tools to remove all the decay and thoroughly clean the tooth's canal system. Your remaining natural tooth is sculpted to make room for a crown around it, and the tooth is capped off. You can come in with an infected, painful tooth, and leave with a beautiful replacement!

Signs you need a root canal

A toothache is a sign that you have significant decay in a tooth, but signs of trouble may not always be that obvious. Call your dentist if you are experiencing:

  • Pain in a tooth
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods
  • Unexplained bad breath
  • A crack in a tooth
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Red, swollen gums around a tooth

Any of these symptoms could mean you have an infected tooth and need a root canal. Don't hesitate to call your dentist because delaying treatment often means more involved and more expensive dental work, including having teeth extracted. Save your teeth by calling at the first sign of trouble!

At Highland Dental, we can save your natural teeth from needing to be extracted with a root canal. To make an appointment with Dr. Nguyen in Smyrna, GA, call (678) 305-9916.